The day I started tipping was the last day I received ads

On the 19th of December was the day I tipped two 4BAT each. Around that time is also when I updated to the latest version [v1.18.75]. It’s also around then I added the Disable Download Bar extension, which I read it’s source and unless the ad popups use chrome.downloads.setShelfEnabled, I don’t see how it could interfere.

I use a VPN nonstop. It is essential on a cable modem where anyone on the same node can snoop on other’s non-encrypted packets. I always check that the VPN connection I have resolves to my state on the majority of lookups.

What’s going on? The only thing Brave has going for it is the the sharing of the ads revenue. With Apple crippling the iOS version, and now this. There’s less reason to use Brave at all.


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Are you on macOS or Windows?

I tagged it as windows, if you want specifics Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 64bit x64

I tagged it as windows, if you want specifics Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 64bit x64.
Notifications and focus assist have always been correctly set.

I tried installing 1.18.69, the version I know that worked, but I get this popup:

I’m pretty sure if I uninstall I’ll lose my pending and available BAT!
Why or why isn’t there a way to backup BAT? Uphold is not a backup, it’s a service.

Thank you; would you be interested in, comfortable with, and available for a Zoom call sometime? I’m confident that within a few minutes, we would be able to identify the issue.

I have never used zoom, and I don’t agree with installing such Chinese software on my computer. Furthermore, if you could identify the issue in a few minutes, you should be able to tell me what I could do to find the issue or allow me to send files.

Zoom is one of many options; we could also use Quick Assist, which is built into Windows 10. It doesn’t have a call feature, though. So we’d have to chat via Notepad or something.

I would really prefer if there was a writeup how to solve the no ads problem for all affected, without needing uphold or losing pending BAT. Makes more sense to me than helping each single person.

I really don’t feel safe with another person on my computer as passwords and accounts could be compromised.

Without understanding the issue, it isn’t possible for us to make a write-up on how to solve it. As such, we tend to work with community members who experience these issues. Once the issue is understood, this almost invariably results in us being able to resolve the issue for others. It’s okay if you’re uncomfortable with a call/connection; we’ll continue working on this.

Confidence in a few minutes to identify the issue sounds like it’s a short writeup.
Tell us what files to send. I’m sure most people would help that way.

It involves putting the browser into a diagnostic state, which can be risky. We appear to have a user willing to join us on a call in another thread; hoping this results in some insight into what may be impacting some users.

Ooh, I would love to get into the diagnostic state. Sounds fun!
Just one question, if I took control over all the files in C:\Users[USER]\AppData\Local\ would that have caused a problem? I might have got pissed that the control was not mine in those directories, and I would have taken them all over. I’ll be looking into this.

Tampering with files in %localappdata%/BraveSoftware would definitely have a high chance of impacting delivery of Brave Ads (among many other things). I’m not sure what you mean by “the control was not mine in those directories”; do you mean the read/write permissions?

Yes, not having full permissions.

That could very well be the cause behind your ads no longer appearing; Brave stores profile data within %localappdata%/BraveSoftware (each channel of Brave will have its own directory in that folder).

But that was on a older version of Brave while ads were working. The problem only materialized on this latest version, and after I started tipping.

I checked another computer with Brave on it that I never messed with, and I don’t see that any of the files were owned by any system process. If you would allow us to have BAT backup phrases, even if they only work for the browser, I wouldn’t have been looking around the directories so much.

The latest version (1.18.77) didn’t fix me getting ads. I’m wondering if it helped anyone.

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