The Creation of MHTML Pages


I’ve noticed a recent change which is causing me issues. It is to do with MHTML pages I create via an app of a page I have viewed. I create them for research purposes, sometime as many as 50 a day. They provide a faithful factual copy. And I have been doing this for years via the app ‘Tagspaces Web Clipper’ and Brave without issue. Now I receive a ‘this file is harmful warning’ and I am asked each time, ‘Keep’ or ‘Discard’. This has started happening in the last few weeks.

If I forget to ‘keep’ and close the browser I receive the ‘you are still downloading’ message and then I have to click three times in order to keep the MHTML page/file. It is annoying and unnecessary, especially as I the user have created the MHTML page. I have searched through the settings to try and turn that error off and I cannot find anything that will do that.

What is also missing, which I’m sure existed, is the Advanced Settings option. If such did exist then it is no longer ‘visible’ in the settings.

Can you assist with this please.
Thank you

This feature should come from upstream chromium


Thanks for that.

I looked through the list provided at the end of the link. I think it might be this one:

I have contacted the App Tagspaces Web Clipper and reported it on their GitHub page :

Here’s hoping it can be solved, because it is so annoying.

Thanks again for your help


Ray Howell