The Close Button Seems Like A CTA Button - Anyone Else?

As a media buyer for large nationally recognized brands, I am fully aware of all of the data that is being collect by these ad giants. And I’m mostly annoyed by the lack of healthy competition. So all that to just say that I really enjoy the Brave Ads experience. Except for one thing…

I know this is mostly user stupidity. But I’ll actually click on some of the desktop ads (Windows OS) but for some reason I am drawn to the big button on the ads. Which as we all know is not a CTA button but the Close button.

I’m sure the logic is to provide a less annoying and manipulative ad experience and that is not my criticism. My criticism is simply that the Close button subconsciously appears to be a CTA button. I guess FB and Google have programmed my brain that way.

Im sure I will get used to it over time but I have thus far close more ads I intended to click-through than ads I have engaged with.

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