The chromium scroll experience is awful and is one of the main attractions of MSEdge

I have been as well as some others wanting to switch to Brave for a very long time but, there is a single yet critical experience breaker for us. The default scrolling experience in Chromium which Brave utilises feels extremely clunky when you come off from using Microsoft Edge and it just doesn’t feel right, it makes the entire browser experience much worse.

I have searched for a few hours to see why this may be and, apparently, Chromium is deliberately using the old Windows Scrolling API, while MSEdge is using the most modern one. It would pull a lot of us Microsoft power users and general MSEdge users away from it if this was added. Microsoft Edge does a brilliant job of making each web page literally feel like its sliding along glass.

And before it is considered, I have tried extensions like SmoothScroll but they fail to emulate the Microsoft Edge experience sadly.

Here is my comparison