The censoring on this forum is a hilarious joke

Posted about terrible extensions toolbar menu and instead of addressing that, you lot instead got all offended and hidden the post. Not to mention, before I could even post the damn thing, I had several popups about “banned” words. Words that are in no way offensive or abusive, but some joker running this circus decided they must not appear in front of eyes of fragile users here.

This forum is an absolute puritan joke. Go on, be offended and have your trash browser. I’m done with it. Good riddance.

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Did you complain in the chromium project? I don’t see anything wrong with the puzzle piece for the extensions, and it’s menu. Did you ever provide constructive criticism?

The menu is terrible, clumsy, unnecessary and that jigsaw icon is literally an icon of an iconless extension. If developer doesn’t add an icon, you’ll see that one. Which is bad design. Not to mention it’s unnecessary when same Extensions menu is 2 clicks away in the hamburger menu. Who shuffles around extensions so often that you need special dedicated quick access menu for extensions? Firefox does so many things wrong, but my god they do this so much better it’s not even funny.

Hmmm, never noticed any of that. Never saw an extension without an icon of it’s own. Any and all extensions can be pinned that they are always shown. You are getting way too riled up over literately a secondary menu dropdown for the extensions. That you only need to interact with once after adding an extension if you pin them.

Or disable the extension toolbar menu entirely.

I know you can pin them. It’s that jigsaw icon that’s entirely unnecessarily there filling up spot next to actual extensions. It’s absolutely pointless “feature” when Extensions menu is like 2 clicks away already. And you can’t even remove it. It’s just there whether you like it or not.

You can get rid of the jigsaw puzzle altogether and I have done so here so I see all my extensions on the toolbar.

Go here: brave://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu
Disable the setting.
Restart the browser.



Works a treat. Thanks for that. :+1: