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Hey so I downloaded the browser and it downloaded fine but now won’t open correctly. It opens but it doesn’t let me interact with the browser almost like it’s opening off screen, I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well so I took a screen grab and hopefully that illustrates the point I’m trying to make

I used to have a second monitor attached to this computer but don’t at the moment could that be the issue? & if so how can I resolve it? I’m genuinely stumped so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Brave starts but window not showing Issue #11588, #3558

I’m having the same issue. Reconnected the other monitor same outcome.


Found this and it worked for me…hope it helps

cursor upper left of monitor hold (SHIFT,ALT,SPACEBAR) the selector Maximize.


We have a known issue logged for this and the fix is coming in 0.20.x (which is available in Beta - if you’re interested I can provide instructions on where to get the Beta version HOWEVER - please know that Beta versions are less stable and you would be prone to data loss. That being said, you can use Release and Beta versions at the same time so you don’t have to replace your Release version).

If you don’t want to try the Beta, let me know your OS and I can help you out in the mean time.



Hi thanks for getting back to me, I’d love to try the Beta, I bought a load of BAT because I really believe in the team & project so it’s a little frustrating to not be able to interact with the browser. If it’s unstable I won’t be deleting chrome just yet but I’d love to have a play with it.

Thanks again.


Hi @PALillie

Awesome, thanks for your interest. What’s your OS? I’ll provide the link to our GitHub repo where the Beta can be downloaded as well as some instructions on how to copy your profile over. What this means is, initially with Beta, you will have the same information as your regular profile to begin with. However, once you start using Beta, you will have different browsing history, tabs, etc. The Release and Beta channel profiles don’t sync (and of course, the disclaimer from my post above about potential data loss, crashes, etc).



Hi I have windows 10 64bit


Great, here’s what you want to do to test out Beta @PALillie

  1. If not already closed, close Brave.
  2. Navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming
  3. Copy your brave folder and rename brave-beta (this step lets you start with the same data as the Release channel such as bookmarks, history, etc)
  4. Go to (this is currently the latest Beta release) and download the version appropriate for your OS - which would be BraveBeta-Setup-x64.exe
  5. If Brave doesn’t open after download open it up and give it a try! As I said before (and for anyone just finding this post) this is a Beta release, prone to additional issues, potential crashes and/or data loss - it has not been fully vetted. If anyone is worried about this, don’t use Beta release :slight_smile:

However, that being said, if you find issues please do to report them, just note that you are on Beta and the release # when reporting the issue to help with investigation and logging :smile:


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