The browser still loading soimething in the pointer

Hello everyone!

So, in this days the browser still loading something; in the pointer i’m still continue to seeing a loading indicator for some reason, and after i’ve closed the Brave browser the loading indicator disappear, idk why… Some tips and suggestions for fix it pls?

Ah, and some website doesn’t allow me to connect, like if the website banned me, same in the Brave forum from Brave, repeat, idk why… :C

I’m waiting for some fixing, thanks in advance for any kindly answer, and Happy Holidays for all C:

Hello @ILLIMITEDMAX, thank you for bringing this to our attention. What kind of device and OS do you use? Have you tried deleting your cookies and cache? Does the same happen in a private/incognito window?

Are you using extensions? If so, please try removing all of them or one by one to see which one might be causing the issue. Also, try to turn off GPU acceleration in brave://flags Let us know if that helps. Regards.

Hello @Jarc-1107

Apologizing for the delaied response, but thanks for answer :3

So, OS W11 build 10.0.22621.1105

Already do multiple time the clear of all data of the browser, the last thing that i haven’t try is to uninstall and reinstall the browser.

Same into the private tab.

Hw aceleration is already disable.

I do a test for the extension and the trouble is for the IPFS, because all others extensions doesn’t do the loading loop, so, what is is? Why it doing in this behaviour?

Thanks again for the support and i’m apologize another time for the dilaied response.


Hello again @ILLIMITEDMAX, if you have disabled hardware acceleration already try disabling with the following setting: going to brave://flags > Search 'Vulkan' > Disable Vulkan > Retest Hope it helps. Regards.

Hello again @ILLIMITEDMAX, I am following up this case. Is this still an issue for you?

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