The browser makes the "system" process load the CPU

This seems like relatively common issue caused by some “incompatibility” between an app and Windows. In my case that app turned out to be Brave.

Launching the browser causes the CPU usage of “system” process to rise up to around 15%. Closing the window makes the problem go away. It happens even before any tabs are open (profile selection screen). Sometimes letting the browser idle stops the issue temporarily, until I use it again.

Opening Edge doesn’t cause anything like that.

It’s been happening for the past 3-5 days (don’t remember exactly). I have no extension installed, running the latest version of Windows 10, Brave version 1.61.120

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In the meanwhile my PC died and I bought a new one. New computer with different hardware, Win 11 instead of 10, v1.62.162; didn’t even have time to install many apps. I got the same problem.