The Brave PDF Viewer

I have a nagging problem with the inbuilt Brave PDF viewer.

All my windows are in DARK MODE (black background) except for the Brave PDF viewer.

Also, I can’t find any way to set the default zoom level.

How can I make the PDF viewer come up in dark mode, as the white background is far too bright after viewing all other pages with a black background?

And how can I set a default zoom level?

Beter still, how can I disable the Brave PDF viewer and use the Adobe viewer?
Thank You


Go to Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > PDF documents

The only issue with that is you have to download the pdf and therefore save it before reopening it.
I like the feature to view without downloading but would like it even more if it opened in a new window.
The reason being I have lost track of the number of times I have closed the pdf and of course that closes whatever it was I was looking at to open the pdf.:roll_eyes:

Viewing internally the pdf tab can be dragged outside the active window which then becomes a new window :wink:

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean. If I receive an webmail email with a pdf attachment which I then go to download it takes that tab - I cannot drag the attachment anywhere?
Please tell me if I am missing something obvious?

Hi, a PDF is a kinda external Document and therefore can not be color inverted by browsers settings. You might look for Extensions on Chrome Webstore or Acrobat Pro / Reader specific add-ons / settings. A PDF is more like a Multimedia Format that can host colourful stuff, audio/video or even 3D/VR - than a simple white page with dark text.

You could do a right click and save as in order to view PDF externally.

Zooming a PDF should not be the Problem, maybe you need to try CTRL and +/-.

IMO and BTW Brave’s PDF Viewer is super awesome.

// edit: I use a screen dimmer software on windows to avoid beeing blinded by the light at night times. It is called “Free utility to adjust brightness on LCD-TFT-LED screens“. It’s a rather simple piece of software but this should do the trick. You might also try the built-in windows magnifier tool in order to zoom around “by default“.

I did not have a webmail scenario in mind. Rather the situation where a website links to a pdf. For webmail attachments I have no idea how tabbed viewing is possible.

A shortcut to that is to first click the arrow behind the downloaded pdf and set to auto open.

Thanks for reaching out.

We have just finished working on a new way of handling pdf files. The changes are in our Nightly channel.

@Gekova I encourage you to check the new implentation. You can install Nightly channel(0.68.x) and use it side by side to Release channel(0.65.xx).

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