The Brave Creators Dashboard Is Extremely Slow - Problem?

For the past few days, I’ve noticed that the Brave Creators Dashboard website is behaving oddly. It takes forever to load (sometimes cannot be reached) and is disconnecting my custodian account often.

" unexpectedly closed the connection."

Everything is fast up until I complete the 2FA… then it is slow/unresponsive.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it just me?

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention — let me reach out to our Creators team about this and see if they know what might be going on here.

Can you actually try logging into your Creators account using a Private browsing window (ensure that the private window is the only window open when performing this test) and tell me if the site still exhibits the same behavior? In addition, can you try logging in using (any) different browser?

Trying to narrow down whether or not the issue is on our backend or on your end — I just logged in myself and everything seemed to be working just fine and Creators team has not been doing any work that would cause this on our end.

I just tried logging in using several methods:

Brave - Private Window = Same slow behaviour
Edge - Public Window = Same slow behaviour

This time, when if finally loaded it gave this error in the account area:
" An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later."

Edit: I just tried logging in on my phone using cellular data (different network) and still had the slow behaviour. Also, it isn’t updating the balance because a friend just sent me 53 BAT as a tip and it hasn’t arrived yet.

What does this mean - “pending tip”? I am signed up and my website is connected and I am linked to Uphold. Is there something wrong with my account?


When I go to my site, it shows verified in my browser. This is some strange stuff!

This is one of the errors I get when the site won’t even load…


Thank you for testing — looking into this now.

@Mattches, any updates? I’m wondering why my site shows as verified for me but “not signed up” for others. This causes tips to be pending and not actually sent… which is a BIG problem with the vBAT sunset approaching.

@Mattches just FYI. I had the same issue when I just tried logging into Creators today. In one instance it was stuck on a white screen and perpetually loading. I ended up with a ! in the Search Bar. When I clicked, it showed:

Bat received but not corresponding what i gained last month - Brave Rewards _ Rewards (Uphold) - Brave Community - Brave 4_6_2023 10_43_48

And just to show, I get one of the three stages below. I tried with Shields on and off, no difference. Just seems to be the site struggling a bit. Worked fine until I did 2FA, then that’s when it seemed to have problems.

The Creators team does see and issue and is looking into it presently. Hope to have more information for you soon.

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+1 with the loading issue on creator site. across different devices and browsers. Also had a similar “pending issue” and discovered it happens when (for some reason) at very the time you contribute, Brave is not seeing you are verified. When you make a tip to an unverified site it is marked as pending. Looks like Creator team are on it. Looking forward to fix!

We have made some changes on our end and the site should now be functioning better/faster. If anyone here is still experiencing this issue please let me know.

Thank you

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I just checked and the dashboard seems to be working fine for now. However, what will happen to tips that were sent during the past week that still haven’t shown up?

Glad the dashboard is working. I would reach out to us on the form for your issue with the missing tips:

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