The bottom bar that appears when using picture-in-picture mode

As the title suggests, when using picture-in-picture to bring up a floating window, the bar appears at the bottom of the video.
That purple bar just appeared out of nowhere yesterday morning.
I don’t see it when I run the same program in Chrome. It’s a minor issue, but is there any way to fix it?

No way this color is purple! :joy:
But yeah, the same thing happened here. I think it’s something they’re trying to implement on Brave, like the Opera PIP progress bar, but it’s clearly not ready yet. I searched in the config for the picture-in-picture option, but no luck. I just downgraded Brave to a version from two weeks ago, and the bar is gone.

Thank you! I’m relieved to know I’m not alone.
I guess I’ll wait for an update, or downgrade is also a good idea.

One thing you might want to know is that the most recent beta version also has this bar, but it’s actually interactive and not fixed on the screen. It only appears when you hover your mouse over it. So, maybe this will be fixed in the next update already.

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