The best browser in the world, here is called brave

I’m a Content Creator, I make videos to generate money online, I look for the best platforms to make them known, work with cryptocurrencies, I made several brave videos and I received a good audience and excellent acceptance of the project, but unfortunately My results are being frustrating. I did everything right and they suspended my account. This month I did not receive my payment and the editor of my account is blocked, after making a great effort to publicize this project what I got was the suspension of my account, I want to continue contributing to help brave, but I need you to check my account and above all allow me to continue working in the best way, BRAVE SUPPORT PLEASE HELP. I have as proof my YouTube channel with excellent audience, subscribers, many views, and above all I have active referrals within the platform, No more to say I hope your prompt response. THANK YOU

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