The bat is not being delivered

I have two brave browsers, one of which is displaying the bat as being delivered in 7 days, but the other is not indicating that the bat would be sent. It has been two months since I received the bat in the account.

You’ll need to open a Support Ticket at

Once you do that, one of the Brave employees will be able to try to look into it and assist you.

@muzberry I have observed that if the banner “X BAT arriving in Y days” doesn’t appear at midnight (local time) then it will appear as per midnight (GMT time).

Can you tell what is your time zone (I’m guessing you must be in GMT+x)? Are you still not seeing the banner?

My time zone is IST and I am still not seeing the banner

I’m guessing a relaunch didn’t work as well? Do you have a next payment date on rewards page?

In rewards section it’s showing me next payment date is July 8

Should be June 8. What is your OS and Browser version? Will tag @Mattches here.

Im on windows 11 and brave version is v 1.39.111

Please write into us as @Saoiray suggested in his reply above

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