The BAT counter locked at 0 and never got out of it!

I remember in mid-November I had 2,100 BATs. After that it crashed in this 2100 until the day of receiving the Reward. Then on that day it appeared that I had only 1310 BAT and then everything disappeared and I haven’t received anything until today. Now it’s locked at 0 and won’t get out of it after almost a month of using Brave on a daily basis!

OS: Windows 11
Brave Version: 1.34.80
Country: :brazil: Brasil sil sil sil sil sil sil


Same here

Check here brave://rewards-internals/ on the register tab. Many of us have a message of ERROR there (if you see it blank, give a click on the orange middle botton to see your register, the lineas at the end are the most new)

Many of us have errors there with our wallets and receiving the rewards although seeing the publicity on the dashboard page. And is not being registered on the Historial =(

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Ok, looks like you’re right!
I followed → brave://rewards-internals/ and there I checked this:
“[08 de jan. de 2022 10:07:26,6] Unexpected HTTP status: 429”
I looked to the end and it’s full of this message with “ERROR”.
Okay, but now what do I do? :sweat_smile:

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