The "background image" option does not appear

The option to set the background image does not appear.
Like this image:

I deleted all the data (cookies, history…) from the browser.
I reinstalled the browser I did a clean install of the browser.

I don’t know what else to do. Is there any solution?

I’m using Version 1.47.186

On this, you have it turned off. Does anything appear if you turn the toggle on instead of leaving it off? Usually the other option like you see where you can choose Brave Backgrounds only appears when you have show Background Images turned on.

I turned on all the toggles. But still, I don’t get the option of the “background image”.

@bluess thanks for clarifying that. I’d like you to test something else really quick. If you go to the hamburger menu Brave Community - Brave 1_27_2023 18_28_12 and select create a new profile, do you have the same issue there?

I have two more profiles, and I have the same problem in those profiles.

@bluess Hmm, ok. Just to run by one last thing. Part of why I was saying to create a new profile and to test is to test settings and all, but the primary was so you can run something with no extensions. I noticed the extension button on each screenshot, which is letting me know you have at least one extension loaded. As silly as it sounds, sometimes various extensions can interfere. When you’re saying you have multiple profiles, did you have any without extension?

In the meanwhile, I’m also going to have you provide some specific information before we get Support over here. Just because I know they’ll want to know.

You shared you’re on Brave 1.47.186, so good to know. But now…

  • Which version of Mac are you using?

  • Is this a new change or did it just start happening?

  • If you go to and download again, installing on top of what you have, does it fix anything? (sometimes if something is corrupt, it can fix it. I’m not telling you to uninstall, just to run the install again as a repair)

FYI, it’s currently Friday night. Typically support doesn’t work the forums over the weekend, USA time. So I’m not going to tag Mattches or others as they won’t be active. What I will do though is tag @JimB1 who is another User and @justsomeone1 to see if any have other ideas.

I’m also going to make sure we know that No puedo cambiar la imagen de fondo en mac also seems to be having the same issue. So it’s not limited to just one person, though their post was last active a week or so ago.

Nothing specific comes to mind, although the presence of this issue in other profiles obviously suggests it’s some kind of system-wide issue.

My guesses would probably rank like this:

  • some platform-specific (macOS) issue
  • some kind of ‘localization’ issue with the Spanish release
  • something set in brave://flags/ that is breaking this feature

I added a new profile and didn’t install any extensions or configure anything and I still have the same problem.

Brave version: 1.47.186
macOS versión: 12.6.2 (Monterey)

Changing the background image is one of the features I was waiting for, I thought I was going to be able to do it with these latest versions which I understand was where that option was introduced in the stable branch, but I don’t get that option.

I just did this but it doesn’t solve the problem.

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@bluess Ok. Unless someone just happens to figure it out, likely will be waiting until Monday or later. I’ll tag @Mattches on it, in hopes he’ll see this after he comes back to work, but it will be helpful if you can think to perhaps reply here on Tuesday (maybe with tagging us) if don’t have any replies by then, just to hopefully bring attention to it in case it’s forgotten or lost.

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Hello everyone and sorry for late replay

@bluess you said you make clean install just to make sure we on the same page

  1. uninstall brave
  2. remove the data folder which you can find here

notice that step 2 will remove all your profiles data like reward password bookmark history everything so backup the data you want before delete that folder

  1. install brave again

if that what you did then ignore the above

could you try to create new user account for mac (not brave profile) and see if brave work as expected in that new user account

i will borrow one idea from @JimB1

so @bluess could you close brave then change the default language of the operating system to english then open brave again and see if it work fine using the english or not

hope any of the above help and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


Yes, it seems that the problem is related to the default language (Spanish).

I changed to English as default language and the option to change the background image is displayed.

I changed back to Spanish as the default language and the option is gone, but at least I changed to a solid color as the background image.

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then long live the king @JimB1 :joy:

hi @Saoiray who else from the team we can tag him/her for this issue as Mattches account has sick tag
hope he get better soon

or any one like to create issue on github then feel free

and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


Excellent support here. Glad you all were able to figure this out. I’m forwarding this information to the team right away, as this obviously should not be happening. Hope to have this resolved asap.

@bluess — when you say default language, you are referring to the default language set on your OS or in Brave?

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I am referring to the language of the OS.


I figured but just wanted to make sure. At any rate, we have already identified the source of the issue and pushed a fix for it!

Original issue:

Pull request that fixes it:

Fix will move down the release pipeline and get pushed into stable soon. Thank you.


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