The awards i won have disappeared

My account and all my rewards have disappeared in the other 2 profiles. Moreover, they were not transferred to my uphold wallet. I am using the current version,how will this error be compensated ?

Hi @tCntRn, Welcome to Community!
So it sounds like you have 3 profiles. Please go to brave://settings/help, and confirm your version number.
Also, please click on the profile icon near the top right, next to the menu button. Screenshot the list of profiles you see and send it here.

The awards I won in March disappeared 2-3 days before the end of March. As far as I remember, each of these wallets had 500-550 prize accumulations. all of them dropped to around 80-100 at a time. I have not received any payment to my uphold wallet, I would like to mention that.

I hope I shared the correct images. Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:


After 3 days, the payment date comes to the wallet. I have a loss of at least 1600 bats as the sum of my 3 user profiles. I would like you to help me resolve this grievance as soon as possible.

Hi @tCntRn,
please see my DM