The add on not showing up on the browser (Beta)


Brave 0.20.10 (Beta)

I enable bitwarden, honey addons after installing Brave Beta browser. Those addons get installed but they are present at the right hand side top along with the shield symbol. But they are not showing up. I see they are installed ONLY when i move my cursor there. I see normal behavior with release channel. May be a bug only with beta channel. Thanks.



Thanks for reporting @nellaiseemai,

It’s a known issue and the fix is already there.



Oh. Thanks.
Should I remove this then?

This is out of curiosity. I have one doubt though. I see that this bug is not showing up in pre-release version (0.19.22) but exists in beta (0.20). Does this mean it is solved in the pre-release channel and left with in the beta channel? Also does this mean beta is not up to date in terms of bug fixing?


Remove what?

@nellaiseemai, I hope I can explain it well.

This bug is introduced in beta channel. In other word, it’s a regression. If not fixed before the next release schedule, the next stable release will have that bug too.

I said the fix is there mean this bug is fixed and the fix is merged. When the new version for Beta available, I think you’ll noticed it’s fixed.



Thank you for your detailed and immediate response.
I have
Brave beta 0.20.10
Brave (release) 0.19.122
Both are up to date on their respective branches.
The addons not showing up on the beta channel (0.20.10) but showing up ok on release channel (0.19.122).
So I thought the latest one (0.20.10) has the issue. so wants to report.
Thanks again

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