That little bookmark button

Why can’t I unbookmark without a popup demanding I click a trash button? Makes no sense. If I accidentally bookmark, then want to unbookmark, it is now a process. At least disable the confirmation prompt for say, 60 seconds. Or give me an option to set it one way or the other. Or is there something I’m missing?

I think that’s just the norm. Granted, I only know Chrome and Friefox, but those also have a popup with a “remove” button, rather than just clicking on the bookmark icon.

what environment are you running on?

OnePlus 5T
Android 9
OxygenOS 9.0.11

I believe I understand … you’re at a web page that’s bookmarked … you touch the 3-dot menu and then you want to tap the the bookmark ribbon only to “un-bookmark” it (top half of screenshot collage) …

instead of being redirected to the Edit Bookmark screen where we have to tap the Delete icon (as in lower half of screenshot collage)

Check my second screenshot… I tested all those browsers on Android 10 (Samsung S10+). ALL browsers except ONE operate as Brave does.

With Opera Touch, one “stars” a web page … and if one mistakenly stars a page, you can tap the star icon and it will be “un-starred”.

Browsers tested