That I've lost the ability to use the subscription I bought!

I was charged today (February 13) for Brave VPN subscription.
The subscription was made on the App Store account, to which I don’t have access for the second day already!

Today I decided to disconnect from Brave VPN and reconnect. I could not connect, I tried several times!

I can’t even send a complaint about Brave VPN not working through the “technical support” section of my browser, again because I don’t have access to the account where I subscribed to Brave VPN!

Also today I discovered that my email, which is my Apple ID account, was allegedly hacked.
Either you scammers refund my money for Brave VPN subscription, which I can’t use anymore and it will burn for nothing, because, again, I can’t complain about the inability to connect via Brave VPN in the browser itself, or, if you scumbags don’t refund my money, I’ll annoy your company with my complaints all the time to remind you how you scammed me!

"I reinstalled the Brave app because I can no longer use my subscription on another account, as I mentioned above.
Because of this incident I have to make a decision not to purchase this crooked Brave VPN subscription anymore! My decision is final and not negotiable!

Burn in hell for what happened!!!"

@El150 first off, your attitude and words are not good for someone trying to get help.

Secondly, if you lost access to your own account, that has absolutely nothing to do with Brave. It’s not like you’re having issues related to Brave’s services but are saying you lost access to your Apple accounts. This would be an issue you need to bring up to Apple.

And if you can’t sign into your Apple account, Brave has no way of knowing you are the owner of the account. They aren’t just going to cancel services or give people access to anything just because they claim ownership without proof.

Subscription is also done through Apple on the App Store. It’s not done through Brave’s website or anything. That said, you can try to complete a Brave Premium Product Support Ticket at to see if anyone from Brave might be able to help.

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