Thanks to brave 🥰


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You received your payment to uphold?

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ya its only my september ad payout , my 16 bats (creators payout) are still processing…

Lucky you, I received 3.31BAT yesterday while there is still pending 160 BAT in my publisher account.
Hope it will be fixed today :slight_smile:

How are you earning that much bat??


:tada: Congratulations bro !! Patience pays :smiley:
Rest will also be paid to you soon.
Happy Browsing !!

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U got paid already? TO ur uphold?

I’ve published an article on my blog (with a referral link to Brave) which is now displayed in Google FAQ 1st page on this query.
It’s a bit of luck but mostly lot of work.

Thank you very much.
Nope, my BAT aren’t yet in my Uphold but it will :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you inform.

Most of my referrals are in group 2.
Here are my stats for October.

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