Thanks for the experience Brave it's amazing


It’s been great - but the inflexibility has rendered to many ‘bugs’ i love what you are trying to do here, but i think you might have taken too large of a ‘bite’ for your dev team to keep up.

humans generally fall into 2 really really broad categories:

- 1 Idiocracy

- 2 people looking for a functional browser.

‘idiocracy’ will never install your browser Facebook will tell them to choose Chome or Firefox {as an upgrade to internet explorer}

so your only ‘market’ is 2 - and in this market you SEEM to be trying to actually cater for ‘Idiocracy’ but they have moved on actually they don’t even know you exist. {Facebook doesn’t care about you}

number 2 is fast being educated that the ‘government’ has all their data anyhow ‘specter’ and meltdown ensure that all hardware is backdoored, they largely don’t care, they just want to open the browser hopefully be able to get to the sites they want - use a VPN and block the worse malware.

your browser caused my ‘twitter’ to log on and off continually to a point where their (faulty) algo decided it was a ‘bot’ - but that’s the least of the problems - i can’t choose which script to block and pages are malfunctioning.

for a (2) that’s bad - it’s ‘uninstall’ bad - but don’t disparage i’m sure you will fix this - and all the 2’s will be back.


the worse part in all of this is i now have to try to find an old repo of a pre {52} version {the one without the mandatory Virus install of ‘Flash and Java’} of ‘Opera’ and if not then i have to abuse them via Twitter possibly causing animosity with the Chinese government.


I just want to say other than that one {fairly large issue} the browser is clean and perfect - it’s working beautifully - if/ when it’s fixed i’ll be back for sure and be recommending it.

all you have to do is add the ability to allow for customization blocking OR allow a third party extension that does that so people (if they have to ) can disable yours if it malfunctions and use the other - for me that would be enough - it’s just enough that you don’t actively force known viruses (flash) on users.

we don’t ask much, it’s REALLY easy to get it right. you are nearly there !!!

forget ‘revenue streams’ without users you have none.


Hi @k.evans, thanks for your feedback!

Is this happen for Twitter only or affect other sites too? Did you enable clear cookies at Preferences > Security?

You can adjust your per site shields settings via lion icon at top right if sites not working properly.

Also you may want to read the new post from Brave



hmm thanks for the reply - i look forward to it.

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