Thanks for caring about users!

I have quite a bit of frustration for the google mindset that so many tech companies have adopted these days when it comes to user support. That is to say: Don’t have any; its expensive.

I am keenly grateful that this place aspires to be different. Just getting any real response from a projects team members feels pretty good. This is particularly true when seeing the plethora of super cranky posts out there that they have to deal with every day. I think it comes through that the devs and brave as a whole are trying to do the right thing.

Supporting a place like this with limited resources takes a lot of work. Thanks for doing it y’all!



Thanks Luna for taking the time to write in, and for kind words!

Let us know if there’s ever any way that we can be of help!

Hi @steeven,
@luna as much as we love seeing your kind of message, we know we have more to do to have less negative feedback. This was recently posted too.

As you were having our best, we weren’t our best to a few others.
We are happy to help and would try make sure all voices are heard on the community.

Suuuure, and I think both of your responses were apt: There are literally thousands of posts to read and only so many labor hours to put towards them. That’s just math.

I was frustrated when this post was not responded to but I understand the limitations of a project and its team so I got over it. I was then also grateful when I got this response on a different thread about the same thing. Thoughtful, detailed a caring. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I think something like “Start doing your job!” is the kind of hyperbolic, vitriol that we all need less of on the internet whether or not the complaint and frustration is legitimate. Don’t let the haters get you down.

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