Thanks brave team to resolve the wallet unlinking issue

I take my words back and thanks for your reply with solution .

Before call for disappointment and attack Brave because of this, maybe - just maybe - try to better understand what your using.

You clearly don’t know how brave works… and that is your fault, not brave.

If you read the Rewards before click in “next”, you will know that, when youre not using a verified wallet, the funds go to your Brave Wallet in the browser…
That is explained in the first thing you must accept to use the rewards, and is the basic…

So… shame on you for the hate.

Your balance says 0, so you’re probably using Brave for less than a month or it’s a new installation. Your rewards of the month will arrive in few days (start processing the 8th), browser is unverified so they’ll be inside it, you can’t move, sell or do anything else without an exchange linked, only tip sites. Don’t understand why you’re 3 times disappointed, maybe you should look in the faq and terms you signed it, like region allowed to link for instance.

Dear dhprmf
As you said your bat transfer in your brave wallet but what about wallet linking hnn :sweat_smile: all of this you pointed on one issue that is not much important or you telling me shame on your hate very interesting .
I feel shame for you I think you have need good professional not like brave I said professional eye care centre …

Your screen shot shows that your wallet is unverified. Unverified wallets must Claim their rewards when they arrive. If you do indeed have Gemini or Uphold, I suggest you connect one of them to Brave so the rewards earned will automatically be deposited. If you can not verify your Uphold or Gemini accounts with Brave, You are most likely in an unsupported region.

Hi @Mk30, wallet linking limits have been removed. If you submit a new ticket with your specific issue we will be happy to investigate. Alternatively, please DM me the email that you submitted your initial ticket from and I can take a look at your unresolved issue that way. Thank you.