Thanks a lot BRAVE! - Not happy you referred me to Upload

My review on, which I never would have found if you hadn’t referred me. GRRR

Avoid this company at all costs. I was directed to them by the BRAVE browser. WHAT A MISTAKE!!! I gave them all of my personal information to set up an account. I then gave them a credit card to fund that account. I was denied funding. There’s NOTHING wrong with my credit card. The problem is dealing with UPHOLD!!! THEN… Because I cannot even use the credit card, I wanted it removed from my Uphold account. NO WAY!!! There’s absolutely no way to edit or remove ANY account that you tie to this HORRIBLE BUSINESS!!! Thanks BRAVE for referring me to this terrible back-alley business… STAY AWAY!!!

Thanks for reaching out.
If I understand correctly, you’re saying that you tried to verify your Uphold account and Uphold denied you verification because of something to do with your credit card, is that correct?


I created UpHOLD account OK.
They said they took Credit Cards.
Tried Credit card, CC denied funding.
That’s Fine.

Tried to find a way to REMOVE credit card from UPHOLD, and here lies the rub. YOU CANNOT REMOVE ACCOUNTS!!!

There is no way to get into an account area where you can even see your Accounts (bank, Credit Cards, etc…). So, no way to see, edit or delete account that you’ve used or try to use with UPHOLD.

VERY SKETCHY. I don’t want these people having MY information. I DO want a way to remove it.

All my requests have not been responded to. Requests for the account to be removed haven’t happened. I have NO Trust in Uphold and I’m trying to warn others before they give them their personal information. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!

Uphold is perfectly trustworthy. Additionally, when you login to your Uphold account, if you click on your profile name (top-right) and click Settings --> Funding methods you should see any saved credit card and/or bank account information you’ve provided along with the option to add and/or remove them.

Are you saying that you do not see these options?


I do see a section where I can get to my username. Shows me all signed in, but no account access.

So when you go to your Uphold account, click your user name and then Settings, you do not see Funding methods?

First of all. Thank you! You’ve been more help in the last month than they have. I’ve only received a canned message from them. No help, and no other way to contact them. So, thanks…

Are you saying with this, with an App? I am on I don’t do apps.

But if what you’re saying is with the app, then I might have to install, delete account and remove. I am done with them and their lack of support. I found better, more responsive companies…

I can’t get into the uphold app either. Grrr.

The fact that half their canned messages end up in my spam folder tells me a lot.

Their reviews on TrustPilot are horrible.

Luckily I had found another company more responsive and didn’t miss my desired buys.

DO your own DD and be careful. Still not happy BRAVE led me to try these guys.

This is not on the app, simply on the Uphold website. You may be viewing Uphold in their new design, which does admittedly make it hard to find some things. Can you please try the following:

  1. Visit and login.
  2. Click on the “three dots” icon on the lefthand side and select Switch to classic view
  3. Once your view is switched over, try following the steps outlined in my previous reply above.


Again Thank You for the help, and time and effort you put into this. I give up. I don’t want to waste any more of your time, or mine with these people.

I can’t see what you see. I even tried different browsers. Something just isn’t right. I may have a small, male brain, but I am a retired EE and designed websites and wrote software, so not totally dumb. But I am dumbfounded by how I can log in, see my personal info, but not the links you mention, or my accounts, although they appear in my trade history (even though it failed).

While trying to solve this I spent plenty of time reading up on and they’re just not a company I trust, so there’s no sense in me trying to use them. I spent a lot of time reading reviews at the BBB, Trustpilot and reddit. I feel I dodged a bullet.

I just want the account with my CC info deleted at this point.

Again, sorry to have bothered you, but you did help me the most.

Thanks again and Take Care…

P.S. - I am Liking the BRAVE Browser though and will be sticking with it *Thumbs Up. Just wish I hadn’t been directed to ‘You know who’ while trying to set up a wallet. hehe

If you’d like to continue working on the issue I’m happy to help. Just let me know.

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