Thank you to brave


This is just an appreciation post. I want to thank the Brave team. Y’all are doing an amazing job and I really appreciate what you all are doing. I respect and see the hard work that you all are putting in and I just want to let y’all know that it’s not going unnoticed. The community is amazing, the product quality is amazing and always improving, and everything that’s being done is phenomenal. I can’t say that about a lot of companies that exist both major and small. Everyone from the Staff, to the moderators, to the support team are really by far some of the best people in terms of doing their job that I have seen and come across. Keep up the great work!



I’ll second that. I think Brave will become more important for many people. Keep up the good work, it is really appreciated.


Thanks @AnimaterCreator & @nik2! It’s definitely appreciated and definitely means a lot to the entire team when we see posts like this from the community! I’ll make sure I share this with the other folks on the team as well.


Totally agree, Brave is just awesome, spread the word and STOP googlag taking(and selling) your rights (and everything else you own without your permission…They know just about NO one reads all those pages of conditions and never have from the very start of the internet). Much appreciated that is for sure, keep up all the hard work by the Brave team. Open Source ROCKS…For the People By
the People. Happy to put up with the odd small glitch as your know a dedicated team is working to fix them WITHOUT all the GREED.


Oh I agree, I didn’t see this post, I also just send an appreciation post for the Brave Browser,
meaning the Brave team. All the people behind this project of course. Amazing work.
Keep up the good work !

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