Thank you for Save As operating in a separate process so if it crashes you don't lose all your open tabs/pages!

I love that feature. I had a special special offer that provides an allmost 50% discount but if the browser or tab closes for whatever reason you lose that once-off special offer. Because only the “Save As” window was terminated, I didn’t use that. Thanks!

This is the kind of thing that proves that you actually care about the fellow human beings that use your software. As well Built-in Adblocker and actually rewarding Respectfull Opt-in Brave Rewards interactions on the part of both Users and Creators. Thanks again!

As with most all browsers, they do not implement their own [built-in] “save as” functionality.

The browser calls upon the operating system “services” to launch a new process and to use the native “save as” dialog feature for the operating system in use.

See the process tree below - see that “kdialog” process - that is the native “save as” dialog box on a Linux system running the KDE desktop (you’d see a similar process on Windows). And yea, all browsers implement this, so is not unique to Brave.

This post looks [more] as an advertisement for Mindvalley.