Thank you for developing this great browser from by heart


Dear Brave Dev. Team. Thank you for developing this grat browser from by heart. Many thanks for your expensive time.

I have problems.:

First thanks for the exit button.

Second please make a setting in settings menu a checkbox for automatically request desktop site.

Third when i use desktop site function flash videos doesn’t work. Say need expansion module, please fix it.

Fourth make speed dial like opera please.

Fifth when i’m try to download anything from the browser can’t do nothing just starting download and stops downloads… Fix it please. In firefox works fine. Android 6.0 Huawei Mediapad M3.

Greetings from Hungary. :slight_smile: EDIT: Argh so sorry this is not the android topic


Hi @MadSalted. We are going to work on #2 soon We don’t have flash support currently, does it work on your device on mobile version? What do you mean exactly with #4? I created an issue for #5.



@MadSalted do you mean the Home Page Add "speed dial"? with your fav websites by speed dial?


Hello, thank ur reply. Yes i mean costumizable speed dial like in opera. Brave is going the best way guys… Cool :slight_smile: Well wben i’m using brave withot request desk. Site f7nction flash works great. But when i’m using it with d site it says need expansion. I think it’s means need flash. Idk. But thanks


We are going to work on Home page redesign very soon and you’ll be able to customize it. We will look on flash also but not very soon, because we are working on sync currently and more secure browsing.


Okay, great good job. :slight_smile: Thank u for expensive time and make world better :slight_smile:


@MadSalted thank you for using Brave and enjoy!!! :slight_smile:

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