Thank you Brave team!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your work.

I stopped using Brave sometime ago on my PC and used other browsers waiting the implementation to happen on Brave, I saw posts talking how Chromecast was finally supported and to my surprise Chromecast works great and it works just as good as Chrome, so no need to go back to any other browsers anymore.

Yes, Brave still needs work, like the adblocker sometimes can freeze and then consumes a lot of CPU, like when I use Mixer and it blocks all the web vortex data from microsoft which collects thousands of thousands of entries per hour. so after a while the adblocking becomes unresponsive. But that’s a minor thing, since I only need to refresh.

But I hope you can add something like the Dynamic Filtering uBlock has, it is really useful and nice to use to really block any connection and annoying stuff, and really see what is connecting to what.
Or a GUI for the cosmetic rules to know exactly what I have blocked and edit everything like I do with Nano Adblocker (uBlock fork), just to make it easier to see and manually add rules.
Just stuff about the adblocker that I would like Brave to have. Like the reason I still use Nano Adblocker and disable most rules so it doesn’t interfere with Brave adblocker is because dynamic filtering and because I can use Nano Defender which is an extension to minimize websites to detect and complain about my adblocker and don’t let me use the website.

But the browser is working great, rarely crashes, and I haven’t had issues where I have to disable the adblocker. So everything is great again.

So I wanted to say thanks for your nice work and can’t wait to see the future on mobile and PC versions of Brave! :+1:t2:


I know this post is old, but I thought you would like to know … I just read an article that Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender are now installing malware …

The original author of the two extensions sold them and the new authors have altered the extensions to include the malware.