TfL status page not functional with shields up


The TfL (Transport for London) status page is not functional with shields up. TfL is the transport authority for Greater London, and is responsible for almost all public transport in the capital. As such Londoners rely on the site for the latest updates to planned and unplanned closures of the tube and other transport services. I can’t stress enough how important this site is to Londoners. This site not working correctly was the single reason I gave up on Brave the first time I tried it.

You will see a colour-coded list of the tube lines and other transport services. For any service that is disrupted (i.e. status is anything other than “Good Service”) you should be able to click on it to expand it and see details of the disruption. However, this does not work with shields up.

In order to reproduce, of course, there has to be some disruption or planned closure. If all lines are showing “good service” try clicking on the “This Weekend” tab as there is often planned engineering work on weekends. Failing that, try the “Future Date” tab and try a few forthcoming Saturdays or Sundays and you are sure to find some scheduled work.