Texts in the address bar are sorted from left to right

I was pressing a few hotkeys and the text in the address bar was sorted from right to left, I don’t want to reset my brave settings is there a way to fix this :frowning:

Brave Version( Version 1.39.122):

Additional Information:



Hold CTRL+SHIFT (on the left side of keyboard) while highlighting text in url ; if not successful,

Open brave://flags/, search for the word direction and check if settingas are the same as in th image below.

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You may have hit one of the shortcut keys listed here:

That being said — on my end, I can’t seem to change the alignment in my address bar (on Windows) using the keyboard shortcuts listed there so I’m not confident they will work, but it certainly does sound like that is what you did. Try it out and let me know if it resolves the issue.


hello, after closing the browser and reopening it, it went back to normal by itself. Thanks for your help!

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