Text search on a webpage

Hello. What are the steps to do a text search on a webpage using Brave?

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Can you explain more as to what you mean by

command+F (control+F on windows) allows you to find a specific text on a site.

Hello. When I am on a webpage, and I want to search the text on the webpage. For example:

I was on a state treasurer’s office webpage, and wanted to find out who to make a check payable to. So I wanted to find the word ‘payable’ on the webpage and because the webpage is very long, I want to use Brave to search for me.



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Yeah, that is very much possible.
As I mentioned above.
If you’re on a mac use command+F to search
If you’re on a windows use control+F to search
A black box will appear in the top right and you can enter payable into that and it’ll find payable in the webpage