Text on non-current tabs became hard to read, without user action

Description of the issue: Text on non-current tabs became pale this morning. Hard to read.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Look at my browser. It’s there all the time

Expected result: Tab titles are easily readable as they were previously.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.37.109

Additional Information: Windows 10 Pro, 64bit, up-to-date.

  1. I installed the independent “Reader View” extension yesterday. The tab strip was readable yesterday after that install.
  2. See image.
  3. The appearance is set to Windows colours, as it was, previously.
  4. I’m not using downloadable themes.
  5. I switched it to light theme and exited settings. Went back in changed it again etc. I cycled through “as Windows”, light and dark a few times. “As windows” and light are hard to read, dark is readable.
  6. I viewed this on two different monitors, both show the problem.
  7. I have not intentionally or knowingly changed any UI/Chrome colour settings.

How do get easily readable tab titles?

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I’ve now spotted another post on the same issue.

I’m leaving this up as it has an image, and more details.

At this point in time there’s a workaround, in that other thread. I won’t use it myself, it’s changing the system wide colour settings.

I just saw that in another post. I shared that solution in several posts not realizing it changed system wide color settings. Sheesh.

Mattches is responding in the below Feature Request topic if you want to track there and see if this gets resolved soon.

If it’s any use, I may have figured out what is happening.

I had a look at the “chrome” around the edges of various program windows.

I think Brave tabs are picking up the font colour from the Windows system palette, but setting the background to a fixed colour.

Hence the mismatch and hence that some aren’t seeing the issue.

Same issue here, been happening for a few days now since i noticed it. Tried rebooting but for some reason my usually superior BRAVE BROWSER is turning to DOGSHIT. AND WOW NO ANGRY WORDS ALLOWED??? AFRAID OF CRITISICM MUCH??? WHY? WHOS THE CRETIN IN CHARGE THAT OK’D THIS WITHOUT PROPER TESTING??? YOU ARE PERSONALLY EFFING WITH PEOPLES LIVES HERE.

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