Text draw instead of page


Only happens now and then, but every once in a while a page will just list in a text list instead of doing the whole HTML page draw/layout … once it’s done that it wont correct either with out restarting. :frowning:

on another/seperate note, small thing but is there a way to change the order in the book mark tabs ? I have folders with bookmarks in them, but it’s listed in order of when I bookmarked, would like to re order them in a preferred manner where my fav’s are on top… figured it’s be simple drag and drop in the list like all other browsers,… not so :confused:

Oh ya . info… Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.2 latest version of Brave…


Is there any specific site that you see this happening?

Regarding bookmark we have an issue logged for allowing sorting. You can track it here


happened to a few sites, but mostly Facebook. Once on amazon also.


Most definitely it will be a cache issue. Could you clear the browser cache and see how long it takes for it to repeat.


sure, pretty standard troubleshooting, totally should have thought of that myself!

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