Text color sometimes renders white in pages and always in the brave button


Some elements of the browser won’t render. If I am right, a large gap on the bar may be either buttons or text, but they don’t appear. No text renders when I hit the brave button EXCLUDING THE COLORED TEXT. I think that it renders white. Some web pages, like pastebin, also render white text, and I can only see it if I highlight it. That changes the background to be blue.

Now, I have some experiences with code and have thought of a solution: to all pages that define no text color, make the text color black instead of the system font color. I say this because of my tech specs:

Latest software and version of Arch Linux with KDE running on XOrg and with a DARK SYSTEM THEME



Hi @EndergerLinux,

For the gap on URL bar, that’s expected. You can set it to use full URL bar in Settings.

For Shields issue, you may want to take a look on this thread Brave shield UI bug

Thanks for reaching out


This bug expands to pastebin text on any chromium, so it may be default CSS stylesheet colors being bound to theme that is causing this.


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