Terrible bookmark manager performance



Brave 0.18.14
rev ad92d02
Muon 4.3.6
libchromiumcontent 60.0.3112.78
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 13.4.0
OS Architecture x64

I’ve made a video demonstrating this:



Hi @scoiner

Thanks for the video showing your issues. We have a number of bookmark performance issues open. Here’s a performance tracking issue that covers several aspects of bookmark perf:

In the comments you’ll see that one of our developers took a look at your video and noted a couple of fixes that are currently slated for upcoming releases. So please stick with us, we’re working on performance :slight_smile:

Additionally, it looks like you have a large number of bookmarks. Could you give me an estimate of how many you have? If possible I’d like to know that information so I can note it in the issue for testing purposes.



I counted 380, give or take a couple. I don’t actually think of that as all that many, but maybe it is… I don’t know what’s typical amongst others.


We test vs 5000, though I have seen some folks in community report they have 20k or more. 380 should be pretty easy on the system. Do you have an older mac?


I suppose you could say so, it’s a 2011 iMac with 32GB of RAM booting off an external thunderbolt SSD. So while it’s a bit old, it is mighty quick and works extremely well for me even under moderately demanding applications (music/audio production)


That was totally exactly same as I am struggling every single day !! Thank you ! Well, Please Brave team fix this !!