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Hello fellow Braves!

After reading this article: https://spreadprivacy.com/facebook-instagram/ & https://spreadprivacy.com/2018-duckduckgo-privacy-donations-results/ - I had to add something.

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  • Link: https://tosdr.org
  • ToS;DR is an add-on, which tells you from A-E how good a website’s Terms of Service/Privacy Policy is. YouTube has a D as an example. That’s bad.

If you support the future of the internet and the individuals, you support ToS;DRs mission as well. An alternative would be to read all the ToS/PP by yourself, and waste valuable time of your life. Why not use that time on something else?


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@KetaKongen Never even knew this site existed. Thanks for posting the link.


Didn’t either before DDG redirected me to their “DuckDuckGo Privacy Challenge Crowdfunding Campaign” where it was listed. It has some bugs and flaws, but with enough love and funding, I really think it can help everyone with a computer and internet.

You’re very welcome, btw!


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