Temporary lock-ups when searching Lowes.com

Hello all,

When browsing lowes.com on mobile, it seems to lock up temporarily when doing a search.

To reproduce:

  1. Go to Lowes.com from the Brave browser
  2. Do a search for any item (chairs, smoke detectors, etc.)
  3. Once the search results page comes up, the browser seems to hang for several seconds or more. Most noticeably, you cannot scroll during this time.

I’ve tried this in Safari and there’s no noticeable hangups.

This occurs another way: If you force close Brave and the Lowes search page was the last page you were on, when you run the browser again, it defaults back to that search page and will hang up again.

Another time this may have occurred (still testing) is if I did the search, closed the browser (not force closed, just went back to the home screen), then re-opened it after an extended period of time. I have not duplicated this yet but noticed it once. The scenarios above are reproducible.

Using Brave 1.6.4 on iOS 12.

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Sorry for the late response @murphy,
I was able to reproduce the issue and in doing so I found a workaround. If you’d like the page to function as intended, you can toggle the Block Ads/Tracking option to Off. This should fix it, I am however a little confused about why it simply causes the site to hang rather than simply break it altogether as is usually the case with issues like this.

I’m going to keep this thread open in case I get more information. Let me know if the workaround works for you as well, just to confirm.

Hey @Mattches,

That workaround helped, thank you! I still noticed some hesitation when this setting is off, or with shields completely disabled when compared to Safari. Not a huge deal, but unusual. I haven’t run into any other sites that do this.

Thanks very much!

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You’re very welcome!
I’ve passed your report on to the iOS team as well for them to look over. Thank you so much for reaching out!

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