Temporary fix for fuzzy/blurry text in Brave


Hi all,

I’m a new user to Brave. I saw the issue of fuzzy/blurry text rendering has been reported before on here and github. I figured out a workaround for this, it seems to be related to the Windows Cleartype feature. Brave was blurring the font so much that it became unreadable at times.

So to fix it, all I did was disable Cleartype and then re-enabled it, so far it hasn’t blurred again. There is however still some heavy anti-aliasing causing the font to be very soft, it does not look bad, I personally just prefer sharp/crisp font. I hope this helps for those facing the same issue.


You can create a PR and provide the fix :slight_smile:

You can follow the guidelines here for creating your first contribution here


I may have to delete the post, for some reason Brave is creating blurred patches across the viewport now. Could be a rendering issue on Windows 10’s side or with the Nvidia driver settings. I know on Chrome/Chromium there are flag settings to fix this. Just not sure yet how to access flags on Brave.

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