Tell what wallets are linked with uphold

I setup lots of wallets on my home/work machine home laptop my son’s laptop and my wife’s laptop lol.

I didn’t know when I tried to link them all to my uphold your only allowed three.

Uphold can’t tell me what wallet id is linked. I’m getting a payout from two wallets out of the three wallets but I can’t figure out which the third wallet is.

Using the chrome://rewards-internals/ information is it possible for brave to tell me what wallets are sending payments to uphold.

Can I just use one wallet on all of these machines and import one of the known Wallet addresses and get a combined payout. Or will the system just payout from one machine ?

Importing your recovery key won’t have any effect on the payout process in this sense. You also can’t view or change which wallets are linked with Uphold. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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