Telegram abandoned?

Do you know what happened to Telegram BAT channel? It is still there with 13K members but nothing new is posting. Sending messages closed. Looks abandoned.

That telegram channel is likelyfake. Do not subscribe to it.

Few months back one of brave team members (Luke Mulks, you might know him) telegram account was hacked. As far as I remember it, as he was also the admin of bat channel, subsequently the hackers also took control of it.

According to him, he had 2fa, but still somehow hackers got control of his account. Support from telegram corporation for resolving this mess was not good.
Telegram is known for such antics regarding scammers being ripe over on their platform. And they pay less attention to kicking scammers out of their platform. It is much worse than twitter.

Brave/bat not being on telegram is actually good to some extent.


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