Taskbar pop-up menu items missing

Windows 11 Home version 22H2 build 22621.1848
Brave version 1.52.126 64 bit

I have Brave pinned to my taskbar. Until very recently the right-click pop-up menu included “New Window” and “New Private Window”. These two items have disappeared leaving me with just

  1. Brave
  2. Unpin from Taskbar
  3. Close (if I have a window open)

Any chance the “New” and “New Private” options can be restored?

did you disable Show Recently opened items in Start, Jump List and File Explorer

if you did enable it and go to some websites and then it should appear again.

That’s in Settings -> personalization -> Start

I disabled “recently opened items” months ago when I re-installed windows. The missing menu items just disappeared in the last couple of weeks.

FYI I re-enabled it and it made no difference.

Well, I said Show Recently opened items in Start, Jump List and File Explorer because that’s the one that controls everything.
and then I said: “go to some websites and then it should appear again”, that means going to some websites and it means TypedURLs which means you type a website and hit enter.

It is a Windows feature, so it will not create anything until the browser registers something, and TypedURLs is the only or best way to force it.

You can remove those items and recreate them anyway, they are in %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations, you need a raw viewer to know which one is Brave’s one, so you don’t remove everything, but technically Browsers are the only ones that have a difficult time re-creating those menus, the other apps shouldn’t have any issues.

I understood.

I tried with the above option enabled and I went to several sites. The pop-up menu did not change. I did a reboot and nothing changed.

Here is the pop-up menu on my other laptop which is running the same version of Brave but on Windows 10.

I don’t see how “New Window” and “New Private Window” have anything whatsoever to do with “recently opened items”.Also not the pop-up for Firefox which I also have pinned to my taskbar

Not also (see below) that the Brave pop-up is also missing the word “Tasks” at the top.

That’s how it works in Windows, you either do it, or not… It’s a Jump List element, so I don’t understand how ‘it doesn’t have anything to do’ if clearly it does, and don’t ask me those questions, it is Microsoft the ones that designed it that way, and Chromium team implementing it with it, just like any other program.

So, I already said what has to be done, and I can’t do anything else.

For example, you said “I went to websites” but did you type the URL and then hit enter? there is a difference between just visiting a website from history or normal navigation and then and doing a TypedURL.
I already said where you find the File that controls this as well, you can remove it, you can actually see which one is brave if you use a raw viewer (again), so you know which one is exactly the Brave file.

I disable the option, so I know how to deal with this and Windows works, I basically know Windows more than 90% of people, so I know what I am talking about.

So, if you go and remove the Show Recently opened blabla, and then delete all the CustomDestinations, then they will not look like your screenshots, they will look exactly like Brave does, with no data, which can be easily reproduced.

So you either does it properly or not, I can’t do anything else but saying how to fix it and deal with it. And that’s how you do it, especially if you proved how some apps show jump list data and others don’t, like Brave, that means it is either a problem in the file or just a bug, and I doubt it is a bug or a Windows problem since it is specific to Brave, and I know sometimes Browsers like Brave break their jump list data when you update it.

I re-enabled the suggested settings option.

I went to the %APPDATA%… folder and moved (for safe keeping) all
destinations under both AutomaticDestinations and CustDestinations.

I started Brave.

I manually typed in and went to:

I used hexdump to verify that the new entries were Brave related.

The Brave pop-up menu on the taskbar now has
Recently Closed
the items
New Window
New Incognito Window
Unpin from taskbar
Close window

Then after disabling the settings (recent…) again, the pop-up menu is
back to
New Window
New Incognito Window
Unpin from taskbar
Close window

which is what I wanted to see all along. I wouldn’t have gotten there
without your help. So let’s just agree to blame Microsoft.

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