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Hello, I’ve switched brave as my primary browser and I’ve been loving it but theres 2 things that are bothering me so I figured I could make a post about them. I browsed through the forum fast and I couldnt find them suggested here but I might be wrong too.

To the point:

  1. On chrome and firefox you can create new window/new private windows from taskbar menu (windows 10)

    I have got very used to this feature and I would love to see this feature on Brave too.

  2. The download bar is very basic, I guess it is temporary and is going to change in the future but I wanted to add it to this list too, just incase.
    It doesnt seem to show download times (or how big the file is) and when you click items on the bar they dont have anykind of depth on them (they dont make anykind of animation when touching them). It feels like you havent even double clicked them and then the program pops up. One click doesnt seem to do anything (first time I was pretty confused that I wasnt able to open my file, then I figured I can double click them!).

  3. Not sure if it’s a request, bug or my own stupidity but when I open the window it looks like it opens maximizied but it isnt on middle of screen (I have 2 screens, I can see little of the window on left screen and little gap on right). I usually just maximize it after that, not really a big deal but would be great to have it maximized automatically.

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