Taskbar attached Icon duplicating


Hello again,

I use Brave in my Computer (win 10 Home 64x - core i7 - RAM 8.0) and i didn’t see this bug. But in my notebook i notice the following bug (layout i think or something else):

The Brave taskbar icon (attached/pined to the bar) create another taskbar icon when i open the borowser in place to open inside its taskbar icon like the other programs.


A fixed that little issue removing the pinned/attachment, after the browser was oppened, so the fixed icon one desappeared. Then i fixed it again to the taskbar and everything backs to normal.

Probably i got this problem when i click on the Brave Install.EXE file 2 times (actualy, 2 quick clics 2 times, so i (executed) the file 2 times but clicked 4 times) because i got some delay to start executing (my notebooks fault), and I miss the Window Permition to acept the installation, so i installed at the same time 2 Braves without my concerning. When i visit the programas manager (sorry dont know the correct name in english, because i use portuguese windows) to uninstall the duplicated Brave, i noticed that there was just one program. Probably the only bug left was this icon problem.

My notebook information:

Sony Vaio - model: VPCEB3JOE
Intel Core i3 M 370 2.40GHz
RAM 4.00 GB (using 3.67 GB)
System Windows 10 Pro 64x

Thank you,

Diego Gulias


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