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Brave 0.14.1 allows the user to choose a default folder for downloads, with the option to “Always ask me where to save files”. However, there is no option to allow the “normal” Windows behavior (if there is such a thing) of defaulting to the last used download target. This would be a really nice thing to offer, since it’s the way Windows users expect all but the most spartan applications to work. Please consider this as a settings option for a future release.


You can select a path by clicking on the edit button and then disable the Always ask me where to save files switch. This way all your downloads will be saved in the same location and won’t prompt each time you download a file.

Does this help?


sriram, thanks for your reply. In my case, I do always want to be asked where to save, but I want the folder selection popup to open showing the last folder I downloaded to. That would make it much easier to quickly save multiple downloads to the same folder, whether that folder is my default Downloads folder or someplace else.


@flaarnsturgen The default behavior is to point to the last used location. For example if you start a download and choose Desktop as the download location, when the next download starts it will automatically point to Desktop when the download save window is shown. The path changes only when you change the location from subsequent downloads. So you can mention the path you want to download using the edit button and still enable the switch which would prompt to save in the path mentioned above


sriram, here’s my situation. I have “C:\Users\flaar\Downloads” selected in the Save my downloads here field and the Always ask me where to save files slider enabled. Here’s a screenshot:

I can’t remove the folder name from the field when I edit, only select a different one from the dialog box. The dialog box always comes up pointing to the indicated folder regardless of the setting of the slider. So maybe the question I should be asking is, how can I remove the selected folder from the Save my downloads here field?


Ok I got it now. I don’t believe that option is available. I have logged an issue to allow removing the folder path. You can track it here

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