Tang Ling introduced to register

Dear support team, can I recommend it to a friend? I have registered for a few days but still do not have the road to recommend to my friends, hope that the support team will send me the ling road

Yes, you can.

If you have registered yourself as a publisher, then you can find the referral link in your publishers dashboard page.

Creator Referral Promo

Refer Your Fans

and Earn Tokens

Your region is currently unable to participate in the referral promo program.

But noHope the support team can check for me spiritual introduction

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@anh1982 maybe you’re in a country that was suspended to join the referral program

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Are you from one of the following countries?

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam

As @Ella20 said, maybe you’re from one of the above listed countries where Referral programs was put on hold.
For more clarification, check this article.

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@bhimXsardar I think she is

Currently I do not have a ling path for me to recommend, please see the support team for me.

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Hi @anh1982 may I ask where are you from? (Which country)

Bạn đang ở một quốc gia bị đình chỉ tham gia chương trình giới thiệu.
Cảm ơn bạn.