Taking Loooong Time To Load Home Page

First, i emailed support, only to receive an email rt back saying that support@brave.com is not active…um… then take it off the playstore contact!
Now, heres my issue.
The last cpl hours my brave browser takes 10 or more seconds to open my homepage, on my s9 note it is up to date, my brave browser is up to date, ive tried in private tab, and regular, i tried with my vpn on and off (not brave vpn), i tried with out wifi, with wifi, still, 10+ seconds to open. I try with Chrome, wah lah, opens right up. The app is up to date, and open all other sites no problem. I thought, maybe its my webhost? Nope, not when Chrome opens it rt up.


Please clarify, that you have TWO computing devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Some kind of desktop computer

and what are the Brave Browser version numbers for each?

‘The app is up to date’ does not qualify for version numbers.

What Extensions have you installed for each computing device?

What anti-virus and blocking applications, add-ons, plug-ins might you also have installed on each computing device?

Have you recently Enabled ‘Brave News’?

Yes, samsung galaxy note 9.
Doesnt pertain to my pc so not worried about that.
Up to date is version 1.40.106 Chromium 103.0.5060.53 no updates available via playstore.
No, have not changed any settings in the last 5 days minimum. No news settings have been turned on or off, (are off) absolutely nothing changed, no firewall, no antivirus settings, nothing. Vpn settings (again not brave vpn) settings, no changes. It only does it with my home page, every other website goes rt thru. No extensions, no addons, no apps to interfere, no plug ins. Ive cleared my cache etc.

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