Take my money, please!

This seems like the most basic question, I’m surprised it is not covered in the startup page.
How do I add money to my wallet? Do I need to buy cryptocurrency first? If so, why?

I see that under “settings” there is “payment methods”. If I click “add” there is a form that looks like credit card information, but there are no instructions.
I would expect instructions AND a paragraph or two explaining who I am authorizing and what security assurances are in place.

Hi @PeteEE,
You can manage your funds at brave://rewards.

For now, you can only funding your wallet by transfer in BAT or other supported crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) to your Rewards wallet. In regards other crypto currency, Brave will automatically convert it to BAT.

Credit card support for adding fund is in the plan.

I believe that’s for autofill feature. That will autofill your card info when you fill a form in a site.

Also cc @Mattches. I think this information (adding fund to Brave Rewards wallet) should be available in Help Center. :slightly_smiling_face:


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