Tabs will not close



When attempting to close tabs by hitting the x on the minimized page the tab disappears and then reappears. I have tried closing browser and relaunching it to see if it goes away but it does not correct the problem.


Think I have the same/similar issue.

Have Amazon UK as one of my pinned tabs, and no matter how many times, and different ways I try to close this tab, it will eventually re-open itself as a pinned tab. I can unpin it, right-click close, click on ‘x’ whether pinned or unpinned and it will close and either re-open immediately or the next time I open the browser. Often, after closing the tab, it will actually re-spawn as 2 or more newly pinned tabs (duplicates). Shield are now fully up for this site, but up or down, it doesn’t make a difference. No other tabs seem to have this issue


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