Tabs too sensitive to dragging



I am too frequently accidentally dragging tabs a little bit when clicking them, and they are ending up being moved into their own window or switching places with their neighbour tab. My clicking game isn’t quite sharp enough it seems for Brave. But I wasn’t having this issue with other browsers - they are more forgiving of slight drags.

This coupled with the smaller tabs than in other browsers, and the position of the tab bar which is not at the very top, so that I can’t rely on hitting the top limit of the screen to help guide my mouse to the tab I would like to click, is detracting a little from the browsing experience for me.



Hi @mcor,

Thanks for reporting! This issue is logged in the link below and I added your comment as +1.

Thank you,


I too cannot figure out how to move tabs for open pages. I tried to drag them before/after other tabs and they never seem to go where I want. Mostly they do to the first tab or the last tab regardless of where I release them. Version 0.18.36 on MacOS 10.12.6.


mind taking a screenshot git animation with LICEcap? thanks!


Hi mcor,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’m having the same problem and am glad to know the developers are aware of it.



This is soo bad, theres like 100 complaints and u guys still havent fixed it. how did this go pass UAI? happens every time


Please be patient. The team is working to fix it @7d1e2cee3c02d46f1739