Tabs stop working after a while


I have about 10 tabs open and a few times a day, the tab will not open. It will not show the page when you hover over the tab like normal, and when you click on it it does not do anything - shows a blank page. Have to shut down Brave and open it back up to get all the tabs to start working again.


What version of Brave and what OS are you using?


I have this exact same problem. If I leave tabs open and close/open my laptop (one thing I noticed) then some of those tabs will not allow me to access them including closing them. I have to quit the browser and relaunch just to close an old tab or access it.

This has been happening since I first downloaded Brave in Jan. I have a Macbook Air running High Sierra 13.3.3.


I have a similar setup. MacAir running Sierra 10.3.3 - Brave 0.21.24


This might be because insufficient RAM. Brave is H.E.A.V.Y on RAM :joy_cat: Trust me!

You might consider having a look at this :


Does this still occur for you two using the latest version?


check this discussion -http s://